Rocking Chairs

Troutman Chair Company, Since 1924. Handcrafted in North Carolina

Rocking Chair, Carolina Rocker, Kennedy Rocker, Wooden Rocking Chair

Shaker style rockers with a double scoop seat.

These rocking chairs are manufactured in North Carolina by Troutman Chair Co. They have been making rocking chairs since 1924. Their rocking chairs can be found from coast to coast, in 40 airports, and at hotels and resorts worldwide. They craft the only rocking chair with a patent, the famous Carolina Rocker, also known as the Kennedy Rocker. All of their rocking chairs feature a lifetime warranty on the frame. Rocking chairs are available unfinished or finished.

For the last couple decades, rockers have been heavily researched by the medical field. Rockers can help with many things. President Kennedy used his to help his lower back. The rocking motion expands your spine and lets in fresh blood cells. Mothers of newborns have used them for generations. Helping the mother out with the physical and mental aspects of child birth, as well as rocking the baby to sleep. New research with ADD and ADHD, has seen great results with kids and adults who suffer from attention problems. Even some schools have put rockers in classrooms and seen astonishing results. Kids are able to concentrate more towards the teachers and their book work when rocking. Also, after a hard days work, nothing beats rocking on your front porch with fresh air and your favorite cold beverage. That is stress relief we all can use!