Finished Furniture

We offer finished furniture as well as unfinished. Whitewood Furniture has three great programs to choose from; the first, offers 36 different standard paints and stains. You can go with a single solid color or two toned for the same price. Paints are offered in aged look and in solid colors. Also they have Heavily Distressed finishes to choose. You can use their drapery program to dress each piece in different colors and get a feel for what it will look like when finished. They also have 6 Dining Collections that offer exquisite style and coloring; these collections are only offered in the particular finish that it is shown in. Last they have a program that has certain pieces and up to six finishes to choose from both two-tone to solid color. Archbold offers finished furniture too; their pine bedroom furniture has six colors to choose from and the pantries are available in seven great paint colors; their alder collection has eight stains to choose. Arthur W. Brown has 12 stains and paints and they will match any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint colors you can find.

Archbold Finished

Whitewood Finished

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