Dining Room

We have over thirty chair designs and a huge selection of tables to choose. Most tables come in the traditional 30” dining height. However, many tables are now available in a 36” counter height and a 42” bar height. All chairs and tables are made of solid wood. These pieces showcase traditional craftsmanship in pieces that can be passed down through the generations.

Whitewood, Ready-to-finish

Wood Dining Table and Wood Dining Chairs

Solid parawood chairs and tables

Troutman Chair Company, Since 1924; Handcrafted in North Carolina.

Wood Dining Chairs made from solid oak

Solid oak chairs

Guidelines for dining tables and chairs:

This is a helpful tool to for you to estimate how many people can sit around a table:

Rectangle dining tables

The old saying goes “you need one foot for every hungry soul.” If your table is 72” long, 6 people should fit around it. This size allows 1 foot for both heads of the table and 4 feet down each side for 2 people on a side. Some tables can fit more or less than others depending on the style and the bases verses legs, children verses adults and so forth.

Round dining tables

Round dining tables are a little more challenging than rectangular tables. Here is a helpful tool to estimate. Take the diameter of the table and divide it by 8. If you take a 36″ diameter table and divide 36 by 8, you come up with 4.5. You can sit 4 people around it. But it is a tight fit and requires smaller width chairs. A 42” round table, you can seat 5 people around it and a 48″ diameter table can seat 6 people. These estimates will vary depending on the sizes of people and the width of the chairs.

Table Heights:

  • Traditional dining tables are 30″ high and need a seat height around 18”.
  • Counter height tables are very popular now. They are 36″ high and need a seat height of 24”.
  • Bar height tables are 42″ high and need a seat height of 30”.

Grain direction:

  • On solid top tables, the grain runs the length of the table.
  • On extendable tables that use extension leafs, the grain runs the width of the table.