Bar Stools, Pantries & Kitchen Solutions

We have a great selection of bar stools, pantries and kitchen islands made from real wood. Almost all bar stools have matching chairs located in the Dining Room section. Pantries make a great storage place for items around the kitchen. From canned foods to pots and pans, take advantage of having adjustable shelving, and store your items out of sight. Standard and custom sizes available. Maybe you need some extra work space for food prep. Look over kitchen islands and work centers. Some even have an over hang to sit at and enjoy a meal or just a cup of coffee while reading the morning news paper.

Whitewood, Ready-to-finish

Wood Bar Stools, Pantries and Wooden Kitchen Solutions

Barstools, pantries, and kitchen islands made solid parawood

Archibold Furniture Company, Solid Wood Furniture, Always your best buy, since 1900

Finished Solid Pine Wood Pantries

Solid pine pantries

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Finished Maple and Oak Solid Wood Pantries

Standard size and custom made pantries made from maple and oak wood